Winterfest Weekend 2012

Well, once again it's been several months since my last post but no need to worry as the crew is alive and well.  We've expanded our adventures beyond dancing and are discovering we have many hidden talents.  This past weekend, (14 and 15 December), we decided to go to OC for two days of dancing, dining, craft making, and a somewhat competitive tractor challenge.  It was an absolute blast and I haven't laughed that hard in a long time.  So, let's begin our journey with Friday night, December 14th.  

We all met at the House of Welsh (HOW) at around 6pm for dinner.  The food was great and the company was outstanding as we dined with Matt, Debbie, Connie, Bert, Kenny, Linda, Diane, Bill E., Shari, Rich, Mak, and John.   Tony V. provided the music and believe it or not, Bert and I even got a chance to polka.  I never knew you could polka to country music before then!  A real treat was in store as we (Matt, Debbie, Diane, Bill E., Bill G., and Sue) performed not one but two choreographed dance routines.  In addition to our West Coast Swing routine, we debuted our Cha-Cha routine that is about five minutes long and involves the ladies rotating and dancing with all three men.  It was impressive and I was so proud of the group!  After that, we kicked back and really started to have some fun.  Not only can this group dance, but they are also musically inclined and make regular appearances with local bands.   Typically, we have Shari on the cow bell, Debbie can play the shaky-shaky things or tambourine, and Connie is our lead as she kicks @@@ on the agogo. Mak is new to the band, which is evident by her bruised hand.  It takes a while to learn how to play the instruments without hurting yourself.  Don't worry Mak - we've all been there early in our careers!  If this isn't impressive enough, we expanded our horizons to singing and realized we have some great talent with Bill E leading the vocals.  We were so good, the entire HOW staff came out from the kitchen and dining room to watch, listen, laugh, and applaud.  The gang even got in a whistle stop and all the girls took a turn dancing the shag with Bill and what a show they put on as it ended with the two Bills.  Sorry, words can't describe it so you will just have to catch up with us the next time we are in town to see it in person!  So, day one of our excursion ended with us owning the house at the House of Welsh!  Some pics to reflect only a small fraction of our fun!  Stay tuned for more on our adventures!  Until the next time, stay safe and keep dancing.....................
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The catch-up part IV

So, we're almost there!  Only a few more events to share so let's begin with our Spring Dance or should I say Cinco de Mayo. Yep, on 6 May, Shari, Rich, Tom, Sharyn, Bert, Connie, Ed, Pat, Glenn, and Anita joined us for a colorful and festive celebration.  In addition to great music and company, we celebrated Sharyn's birthday and had a feast as everyone brought food.  Shari was in charge of the props and she didn't let us down.  Our tables had two giant sombreros and lots of sparkle and best of all, she took the decorations home with her as my closet is full to the max with dance trinkets.  Matt and Debbie were missing in action.  Can you believe they decided to celebrate their anniversary with a trip to Panama City.  What nerve!!  They either need to make sure they attend our dances or be prepared to take the dance crew with them.   Hint, hint!!!    I have to admit I thought I would be lost without Matt and the Capt; however, I was pleasantly surprised at Bert and how he took care of me in Matt's absence.  He really knows how to mix a drink to perfection.  Sorry Matt!!

The fun continued on the 12th when Miles River Yacht Club (MRYC) contracted Bill to teach a two hour workshop to club members who performed the choreographed routine for the audience later that evening.  A great time was had by all and the workshop participants worked really hard and I was personally very proud of them.  A special shout out to Shari, Rich, Terri, Tom, Diane, Bill, Glenn, and Anita who also supported Bill and joined the festivities.  Missing on the 12th were Bert, Connie, and Matt and Debbie who were still on vacation.  Bad Matt!  

The dancing fun continued with the EOM dance on 26 May where Bert, Connie, Matt, Debbie, Ed, Pat, Diane, and Bill joined us but we missed Glenn and Anita who were unable to attend at the last minute. I must say all the ladies loved Bill's green silk shirt that I pick up for him even though he's not fond of it.  I also got the biggest kick out of Bert, Connie, Matt, and Debbie who all took part in making me a drink, which believe me, is more coke than Capt Morgan.  Connie possesses a superior mixing technique that it much better than Matt's finger approach.  OMG....TMI!!!!!

In case you haven't noticed, I always pick on one of the crew members but they know it's done with love and admiration!  So, I will leave you with another Matt idiosyncrasy.....When removing a lid from a pot cooking on the stove, do you place the lid face down or face up?   Soon, I will share with you all the answers to these burning questions but not tonight!

Signing off but don't forget to keep dancing! 

The Catch-up Part III

Ok, back in the saddle and ready to give you another dancing update.  So, let's begin with March which provided the group two opportunities to show their green.  Our first dance was on 3 March and the gang decided to make it a dance and food fest as everyone brought munchies to eat.  We had Shari, Rich, Debbie, Matt, Tom, Sharyn, Glenn, Anita, Linda, Kenny, Connie, and Bert join us.  One week later, we had another dance at the American Legion and enjoyed the great company of Ed, Pat, Stan, Jane, Shari, Rich, Marianne, Bart, Glenn, Anita, Kenny, Linda, Connie, Bert, Matt, and Debbie.  I was at the vocal table while Bill was leading the mild mannered crew.  Of course, Shari had tons of trivia questions for the table.  After a while, I became a little stressed because I couldn't answer any of the trivia questions.  No kidding, Shari is a walking encyclopedia and on top of that has non-stop energy and can hold a coversation with anyone.  It's all good though and she adds a new dimension to the dynamics of the group!  Yep, you guessed it, this post is all about Shari since I have picked on Matt for the last two updates.  BTW, foget polls and expecting comments from this crew as they seem to be technically challenged and getting more so with age!  Sometimes I forget I am the youngest member of the crew!!  Ha, Ha!!  On 11 March, we got together with Shari, Rich, Bert, Connie, Matt, and Debbie for the famous chicken dinner dance.  With so many dances in March, I learned something new about Shari.  One, she has a habit of spilling drinks because her arms are so long and she is so animated.  In addition, she was imitating Chuck B. at the Chicken dinner dance and wiped out!  Yep, she landed flat on her bottom!.  Thank goodness she was ok but I truly believe she fell because her feet aren't big enough to support her height.  So, while she may look graceful when on the dance floor, watch out and stay clear of her when she's not on center stage as it could be hazardous to your health.  Sorry Shari but this is great blog material and I have to give Matt a break!!  Ok, enough picking on Shari!!!   We finished out the month of March with two trips to the Moose for what is becoming one of my favorite dance floors. 

Some pictures from our March dances for your viewing pleasure:
3 March 2012

10 March 2012:  The ladies

10 March 2012:  The men

10 March:  Percussion section (Marianne, Jane, Sue, and Pat)

11 March:  Chicken dinner dance (Shari and Bill)

March was also filled with birthday celebrations for Bert and Linda.  In addition, Bill G. was hired for several gigs on the Eastern shore (Seacrets and SSU) which were great fun as well!   Time to move onto April.................

The dance that was most memorable for me was the EOM at the American Legion as Ed, Pat, Shari, Rich, Terri, Tom, Connie, Bert, Matt, Debbie, Anita, Glenn, Kenny, Linda, Tom P., Sharyn, Bill E., and Diane helped us celebrate Bill G.'s birthday.  Wow, lots of Bills and Toms here!  Bill was extremely touched by all the birthday wishes and some very special gifts to include hot sauce, glasses with built-in lights for dark places (thanks to Matt & Debbie), and a new percussion instrument (agogo bell) to add to our collection. Of course, I have a picture of the group for you:

Well, I think that's enough abuse for one night!  Until next time, be safe and keep dancing! 

The Catch-up Part II

January 2012 is by far the best month of the year.  Why, you ask?  Of course, it's because we celebrate my birthday!  Yes, we began the dances by wishing yours truly and Matt a big happy birthday at the famous Chicken dinner dance.  To my surprise, Ed, Pat, Stan, Jane, Tom, Sharyn, Bill E., Diane, and of course Bert, Connie, Debbie, Matt, and Bill G. were there.  I always complain about sharing my special day with Matt but I got to tell you he is wonderful.  He lets me take center stage as the special one.  Thank you, Matt!!  I was amazed at all the wonderful gifts I received.  To this day, I don't know how everyone knew exactly what to get me!!  It is because they are good friends?  Is it because we've been hanging out together for such a long time?  Is it because they love me?  Correct, it's all of the above.  Yes, they love me...they really love me (sorry having a flashback from the Mask).    I know you can't stand the suspense and want to know what I got.  Well, here are only a few of the amazing items:  a special glass from Ed and Pat that says I'm aged to perfection just like a fine wine; a bottle of Capt Morgan; 2 (of many more to come) percussion instruments; a European tree that we will plant outside; birthday beads, a princess pin, a crown, and balloon.  There were more but some are just not suitable for sharing, correct Matt?  More about the percussion instruments later!!  Again, there were many visits to Rossville and the GB Moose in January as well.  We frequent these venues because there are several bands we follow, so does that make us groupies?  One of the newer bands is a family and I'm not sure if they know what to think of us yet.  I say this because the members comprise a father and his two young (around 20 years old) sons.  I remember the first time I joined the band with my percussion talent!   The looks on their faces was priceless but I think we've made some progress as they now have a few instruments on the stage for me.  My only request is they bring more things to play with and not just a cow-bell. Yep, I want to be known as more than just a cow-bell girl!!  We finished out the month of January with a bull-roast benefit dance on the Sunday the 29th.  Enough about January....

Let's talk about February and our Vday dance!  This is always a great event, well attended, and the ladies always look lovely in their red attire.  See the pic below and you will know what I mean!   

Don't Anita, Debbie, Susan, Alvera, Dorothy, Pat, Linda, Jane, Connie, and Shari look marvelous?  Sunday Jam sessions also kicked off with great music available at the Mallet and Towers.  Just a few more comments (because you know Bert doesn't like long entries) before signing off.  My Polka partner (Bert) gave me hell for not posting for 5 months and informed me Friday night (20 April) that he will never read my blog again due to my lack of responsiveness.  Bert, that hurt!!  Hey, I made a funny!!  My good friend, Debbie, suggested we need a male perspective and recommended Bert begin a man blog!!  I like that suggestion - don't you?   Trust me, almost to the end but I can't say goodbye without talking about the Matt and his rules.  First, I don't think I will ever take the time to create a poll again because my babyboomer friends are technically challenged - just sayin!!!   If you are confused, pay attention and see my previous post regarding the shower poll.  Second, I will leave you thinking about toilet paper (TP)!!  I know this group has issues!  So, how do you replace your TP roll?  Does your first and following sheets unroll from the top or bottom?  To my babyboomer crew, just leave a comment no need to worry about a poll!!

Until next time, be safe, have fun, and keep dancing!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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The Catch-up, Part I

Here it is 5+ months since my last post.  I know you must be thinking what happened!  Did I give up dancing?  Did the dance crew dissolve?  Don't worry, your questions will soon be answered but you will need to be patient.  I have so much to share that there is no way I can get you up-to-date in one post and besides Bert doesn't like it when my entries are long.  So, needless to say, we will have to do this together but in increments.  So, let's begin!

Two dance events come to mind when I think about November 2011.  Our traditional End of Month dance that is always a great deal of fun and our annual Thanksgiving dance with the LDSC.  I would have to say the LDSC event was the most memorable of the two gatherings.  After the dance, I began to question how the club came up with their name?  Is it because members and their guests are sociable and friendly people??  I learned that sometimes there is more excitement off than on the dance floor.  To my surprise, I can now say that the ladies room can be a dangerous place.  But, what sticks in my mind the most is that Connie, who is typically easy going and quiet has a rambunctious side and Diane is a force to be reckoned with as she leaves a path of destruction when it people try to take the fun out of dancing.  I know, it's a little cryptic but a big hell yeah to Connie and Diane!!  Enough negativity!

December 2011 hosted two dances.  NYE and our annual Christmas dance that was well attended.  Bill taught a shag lesson during band break and everyone seemed to have a great time.  We also celebrated Connie and Shari's birthdays.  This was Shari and Rich's first dance with us and they are still hanging out with the crew!  More about Shari later!!

Throughout November and December, we made our usual rounds at Rossville and the Moose.  It was during these gatherings that I learned the most about this group.  As long as I have known Matt and Debbie, I had no idea Debbie's house (or should I say Matt) had so many rules.  Did you know that there is a correct (Matt) way and incorrect (Debbie) way to get in and out of the shower.  I kid you not!  Take the poll to see how you rate but I can't unveil the official answer until later.  So, have fun, keep dancing, and stayed tune for more updates!

The BGdance Crew does exist

OMG, I can't believe my last post was 1 September 2011.  All I can say is sometimes life gets in the way and I absolutely hate it when that happens - so sorry to my loyal followers.  I've always said journaling relaxes me and yesterday I saw an article in Vitality, which is a magazine for CareFirst BlueCross BlueShield members that said keeping a journal is a great stress-fighting strategy.  So, here I am finally making time to journal and with just the first few sentences my stress level is instantly decreasing.  For me, journaling is like dancing and is a form of self expression where I don't necessarily worry about politics and protocol so I will place a warning here : If I get a little out of control - blame it on Connie since I am being fueled by her chocolate chip cookies.  Ok, time to talk about dance!! 

Let's begin with Sunday, 11 September and the famous Chicken Dinner Dance.  As usual, the food, company, music, and dancing was great.  Connie, the co-coordinator did a fantastic job and she had the following crew members in attendance:  Matt, Debbie, Bill, Sue, Glenn, Anita, Stan, Jane, Ed, and Pat.  Bert and Connie are regulars at Rossville and they have a table reserved each month for the dance.  So, if you are interested in attending - see Connie!   Just trying to make sure the co-coordinators stay gainfully employed!!  During these events, Connie wears two hats (co-coordinator and baker) so give her a shout-out and let her know how much you appreciate her efforts.  It takes a great deal of work to ensure everyone has a good time!   On the 24th, we had the EOM dance at the American Legion.  Another good turnout with Bert, Connie, Matt, Debbie, Kenny, Linda, Ed, Pat, Mark, MJ, John, and Dorothy as we also celebrated Pat's BDay.  A special welcome to Mark, John, and Dorothy as this was this was their first dance with the crew.  My biggest surprise was Mark, who I work with, because the man has natural rythm and he can dance in addition to being a character.  He definitely fits in with the crew and I know for sure we will see him again on the dance floor.  A mere three days later, the group was at it again as we attended the Let's Dance Club's annual Jam Session.  This yearly event was held on Tuesday, 27 September and it was special to me as we were inducted into the Dancers Hall of Fame (HOF).  In addition, we were personally touched as the crew attended to support our induction.   I may joke and kid about the crew members but I know how lucky we are to have such a wonderful group in our lives.  Not only are they great dancers but they are wonderful friends.  Thanks to Bert, Connie, Matt, and Debbie for their ongoing support over the years.  OK, enough as I don't want them to get big heads especially Connie who is always trying to take over as coordinator!   Sounds like we need another vote on duties!    Moving on to October................. 

October was a busy month as we were planning for Halloween.  We decided to dress up as bikers and what a a great job everyone did on their costumes.  Bill got BGDance Crew logos for the group, which made us look like a real biker crew and I think we actually scared some folks because Bert, Matt, and Tom looked quite authentic.  In addition, Bill came up with names for the crew members.  Of course, he was the President but we also have Smoothie, DeliQueen, Shooter, Professor, Number 1, Baker, Blogger, Crazy Feet, Party Girl, and the Super as members.  Our first Halloween dance was on 22 October in which the Village People made a special appearance and even did a floor show for the attendees.  If that wasn't enough, we had drinks, cheese, a sub (thanks to Connie and Sharyn), and a BDay celebration for Shooter (aka Tom).  Less than 24 hours later, the group got together again for a Sunday dance at Blob's Park.  I don't know what it is but everytime we go there, I become a man magnet.  I must have that West side look because the gentlemen come up and ask me to dance more there than anywhere else.  My dance card was full as I danced with Bill and Bert.  Yes, Bert and I are becoming the King and Queen of Polkas.  Bikers that also Polka - what's wrong with this picture?  We finished out the month with our second Halloween dance on the 29th.  Another great time and a special welcome to Shari, Rich, and Terri who joined the group for the first time last night.  Connie, also did a great job and had cheese, cookies, and cake for her three tables. 

Well, that's September and October in a nutshell.  Along with the dances, Bill is still busy teaching at Saint Clare every Tuesday and in OC the third Wednesday of each month.  I will leave you with a few pics and until the next time, be safe and keep dancing.  Signing off!!

BGDance biker Crew - Halloween Dance 2011

Inducted into the Dancers Hall of Fame 2011

Lots of stuff going on............

In addition to dancing, we have had fun playing tourists on the Eastern Shore. Here are just of few of the things we have been doing this summer. We went to see Captain America back in July. It was in 3D and the animation was quite impressive. The beginning of the movie was actually the end of the story and the end of the movie was the beginning of the next story, the Avengers. So, be on the look out for the Avengers and if you haven't seen Captain America, give it a try. Let's talk food....

If you follow my posts, you know I talk about Hammerheads and the Strawberry Glazed Chicken Salad. Well, I found another treat to share with you. We went to the Frog, which is located at the inlet to eat and watch the charter boats return from a day of fishing. I ordered a Hawaiian Chicken sandwich. The chicken was grilled and was topped with honey ham and grilled pineapple. I think it's my second favorite behind the salad at Hammerheads. In addition to great food, the view was absoutely beautiful. Afterwards, we drove 20+ blocks to get some ice cream. Now, I'm not a big sweet eater but I do like my Strawberry Cheese Cake ice cream, which is located somewhere around 20th street. So, we walk into the ice cream shop and I was so excited with anticipation until the server said we are all out of Strawberry Cheese Cake ice cream. Ok, I decided to make the best of it and was just about ready to order something else when I saw the container and to my surprise there was some Strawberry Cheese Cake in the tub. I placed my order and the server still didn't want to give me the last small scoop of the ice cream. Personally, I think she wanted to keep it for herself but I was on a mission, extremely persistent, and eventually she gave me the last small scoop so now she could honestly say they were sold out. Let's talk about the weather.....

Well, Irene definitely altered my vacation plans. I was scheduled to be on leave the 29 Aug - 2 Sept but we couldn't get away because we were without power for 54 hours thanks to Irene. We were able to get to our properties on the Eastern Shore on Wednesday, 31 August and than goodness no major damage from the storm. We decided to hit the beach and it was absolutely beautiful and not crowded. The ocean was still rough and everyone was searching for shells from the storm. Bill and I were standing in the surf talking when a sand dollar washed up. It took a few tries but we snagged it. Standing close to us was a father/daughter team who was also searching for shells and they were doing great. So, I said to Bill "game on" and made him stop talking and start helping me find some more cool shells. It was fun and I have a nice little collection of new shells thanks to Irene. During our stay, we had breakfast (two times), rode bikes on the boards, and had dinner at the Angler with a evening cruise in the bay and along the shoreline of OC. Now, we can mention dancing....

We hit the Fenwick Inn and House of Welsh (HOW) on 31 August for some dancing and fun, which was followed by a visit to the Elks and HOW again on 2 September. It was great because I got a chance to see Dick, Kat, Joan, Jack, Barb, Rich, Viv, Lee, Neil, an Stanley for the first time this summer. We returned to the Western Shore for the End of Month (EOM) dance at Parkville on 3 September. Everyone survived the Earthquake and Irene and came ready to dance and celebrate Pat's Birthday. September will be a busy month as we have BikeFest, Sunfest, a Labor Day Dance at Sparrows Point Country Club, the Chicken Dinner Dance, a Moose Dance, Hall of Fame (HOF), the EOM dance, and a new class scheduled to begin at Saint Clare. I'm exhausted already!

Pic from the EOM dance at Parkville American Legion:

Until next time, be safe and keep dancing.....

Our Dancing Journey.....Part 2

On 17 August, Bill made another guest appearance at the Fenwick Inn. When he asked the group what they wanted to learn, they said a Lindy swingout. Bill was in his glory and by the end of the lesson had everyone begin with a few six count moves then they transitioned to an eight to close, to a swing out, and back to an eight to close. I think he recruited some new Lindy dances and I believe we will see them again in the future. The fun continued as a patron told Bill he hasn't seen anyone dance like him since Craig Hutchinson. This was a real compliment since Craig was Bill's West Coast Swing instructor back in the 80's. There was even more fun as several folks complimented the BGdance crew on their performance in July and even asked if there was a video of the routine. OMG, don't tell Bert because I don't want him to get a big head but I think he's famous along with Connie, Matt, Debbie, Diane, Bill E., and Sue. Funny Sue!!

It's hard to believe that summer is almost over and fall is just around the corner.  With the change in seasons comes some changes to our dancing journey.  Let's talk about Tap!  As you know, we began taking Tap lessons at the Mid-Atlantic Center for the Performing Arts last winter.  While taking lessons, I experienced various emotions and questioned many times if I was learning anything.  Well, after taking the summer off, I am able to reflect back upon that experience and can confirm that I did learn many things but still have a long way to go.  I have tried to practice the moves I can remember throughout the summer months and am pleased with my accomplishments.  Just wish I could fit the steps to music and my Lindy dancing a little better but I am sure that will come in time.  I am hopeful that this coming winter our schedules will once again allow us to pursue Tap dancing.  If so, I am sure that I will again question that decision and experience some frustration along the way but as they say..."no pain, no gain."  

Did someone say workshops?  If you been keeping up with my posts, you know we visited the Parkville Senior Center for their Disco Dance.  I am not sure why it was called a Disco Dance since they only played one Disco all night but who am I to question something as minor as that.  Anyway, while at the dance, we connected with the events coordinator who was most appreciative of our attendance and impressed with our dancing.  As a result, she has contacted Bill about offering some workshops at the senior center for members and the surrounding community.  In addition, Bill may also be conducting special workshops this fall on the Eastern Shore.  So, stay tuned for more on these developments!  

On a personal note, Bill has received a great surprise and will be honored for his dancing accomplishments in September.  Ok, here is where it can get confusing, so stay focused!  For close to 20 years, Bill has been a member of and supported the Let's Dance Social Club.  He sells tickets to club dances, has brought new members into the club, and has taught dance lessons for them as well.  Every September, for the last 17 years, the club has sponsored a Hall of Fame Jam session where the best of the best musicians come together to jam and select ones are inducted into the Musicians Hall of Fame (HOF).  In recent years, the induction honors have been extended to dancers as well.  To his surprise, Bill was notified of his induction into the Dancers Hall of Fame (HOF) on 27 September.  Bill has not only spent a life time dancing and learning from some of the original Swing dancers (Craig and Frankie).  He has shared his knowledge and passion with his students; thus, passing on a rich heritage while inspiring, motivating, and enriching the lives of others through the universal language of dance.  Personally, I am extremely happy for him and very proud of his induction this year.  Ok, who just said all that?  What did you do with Sue?  Bring her back!
Don't worry, I did a smilebox for your viewing pleasure so you know it's really Sue posting!   I'm glad we had this time together......(sounds like a closing song from a show, doesn't it?) and until we meet safe and keep dancing!   Nostalgic Sue!!

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Summer time fun

Summer 2011 has been filled with fun, work, and of course dancing.  So, hold on because I have a lot to share since it's been two months since my last update.  Bad Sue!!  First stop, an update on summer lessons!

We had the opportunity to return to Seaford Delaware where we taught West Coast Swing.  What a hoot!  We had a blast and look forward to continuing with more advanced lessons and a bunch of eight count patterns/moves.  I think the Eastern Shore group will be ready to perform their routine in public very soon.  OMG, we could have a battle of the shores in the future.  I can see it now, the Eastern Shore vs the Western Shore or maybe the groups have been learning the same choreographed routine and they will get together and perform live somewhere in MD or DE.  How cool, 16+ people moving and grooving simultaneously to a 2+ minute song!   Well, it's something to think about and if you know Goschen - expect the unexpected!   I know Bert and Debbie are ready to go public again!  Instigator Sue!  Time to go down the beach, Hun....

Yep, Bill is still appearing as a guest instructor in Ocean City at least once a month.  In July, he returned to the Fenwick Inn and wowed the group with Cha-Cha lessons on 20 and 27 July 2011.  The 27th was an extra special night for me as the BGdance crew (Western Shore Chapter) came to Ocean City and performed their dance routine live at the Fenwick and the House of Welsh.  It was impressive and I was extremely proud of everyone.  As luck would have it, Tom filmed the routine and I wish I could share it with you but it's protected proprietary information.  So many authentic Swing moves that Bill has had tucked away in his brain for the last 30 years were unleashed and came to life that night.  Seriously, I have to give a shout out to Connie, Bert, Debbie, Matt, Diane, and Bill who have been working extremely hard every week at Saint Clare learning and perfecting the routine.  And...and extra special thank you for taking off time from work to travel to OC to perform the routine for and with us.  Another round of thanks to Tom, Sharyn, Glenn, and Anita for also traveling to the beach to support us and to Tish for mentioning Bill in her article in the Coconut Times.  You can check out her article via:  Sappy Sue and enough about serious's time to chat about our social outings.....

July was packed full with dancing opportunities as we ventured out to Rossville on 10 and 12 July and danced to the sounds of Mixed Company.  On 15 July, we tried a new venture and you can read about the antics via StrictlySwing2 :  On the 16th, we had our annual Club party at the Hawks, our big night in OC on the 27th, which was followed by another visit to the Valencia Ballroom in York, PA on 6 August.  Of course, I had to create some smileboxes so check out the fun via the pics below.   Enjoy the pics and don't worry I still have plenty to tell and will continue with round 2 next time.  Until then, be safe and keep dancing!

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