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Summer time fun

Summer 2011 has been filled with fun, work, and of course dancing.  So, hold on because I have a lot to share since it's been two months since my last update.  Bad Sue!!  First stop, an update on summer lessons!

We had the opportunity to return to Seaford Delaware where we taught West Coast Swing.  What a hoot!  We had a blast and look forward to continuing with more advanced lessons and a bunch of eight count patterns/moves.  I think the Eastern Shore group will be ready to perform their routine in public very soon.  OMG, we could have a battle of the shores in the future.  I can see it now, the Eastern Shore vs the Western Shore or maybe the groups have been learning the same choreographed routine and they will get together and perform live somewhere in MD or DE.  How cool, 16+ people moving and grooving simultaneously to a 2+ minute song!   Well, it's something to think about and if you know Goschen - expect the unexpected!   I know Bert and Debbie are ready to go public again!  Instigator Sue!  Time to go down the beach, Hun....

Yep, Bill is still appearing as a guest instructor in Ocean City at least once a month.  In July, he returned to the Fenwick Inn and wowed the group with Cha-Cha lessons on 20 and 27 July 2011.  The 27th was an extra special night for me as the BGdance crew (Western Shore Chapter) came to Ocean City and performed their dance routine live at the Fenwick and the House of Welsh.  It was impressive and I was extremely proud of everyone.  As luck would have it, Tom filmed the routine and I wish I could share it with you but it's protected proprietary information.  So many authentic Swing moves that Bill has had tucked away in his brain for the last 30 years were unleashed and came to life that night.  Seriously, I have to give a shout out to Connie, Bert, Debbie, Matt, Diane, and Bill who have been working extremely hard every week at Saint Clare learning and perfecting the routine.  And...and extra special thank you for taking off time from work to travel to OC to perform the routine for and with us.  Another round of thanks to Tom, Sharyn, Glenn, and Anita for also traveling to the beach to support us and to Tish for mentioning Bill in her article in the Coconut Times.  You can check out her article via:  Sappy Sue and enough about serious's time to chat about our social outings.....

July was packed full with dancing opportunities as we ventured out to Rossville on 10 and 12 July and danced to the sounds of Mixed Company.  On 15 July, we tried a new venture and you can read about the antics via StrictlySwing2 :  On the 16th, we had our annual Club party at the Hawks, our big night in OC on the 27th, which was followed by another visit to the Valencia Ballroom in York, PA on 6 August.  Of course, I had to create some smileboxes so check out the fun via the pics below.   Enjoy the pics and don't worry I still have plenty to tell and will continue with round 2 next time.  Until then, be safe and keep dancing!

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