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Our Dancing Journey.....Part 2

On 17 August, Bill made another guest appearance at the Fenwick Inn. When he asked the group what they wanted to learn, they said a Lindy swingout. Bill was in his glory and by the end of the lesson had everyone begin with a few six count moves then they transitioned to an eight to close, to a swing out, and back to an eight to close. I think he recruited some new Lindy dances and I believe we will see them again in the future. The fun continued as a patron told Bill he hasn't seen anyone dance like him since Craig Hutchinson. This was a real compliment since Craig was Bill's West Coast Swing instructor back in the 80's. There was even more fun as several folks complimented the BGdance crew on their performance in July and even asked if there was a video of the routine. OMG, don't tell Bert because I don't want him to get a big head but I think he's famous along with Connie, Matt, Debbie, Diane, Bill E., and Sue. Funny Sue!!

It's hard to believe that summer is almost over and fall is just around the corner.  With the change in seasons comes some changes to our dancing journey.  Let's talk about Tap!  As you know, we began taking Tap lessons at the Mid-Atlantic Center for the Performing Arts last winter.  While taking lessons, I experienced various emotions and questioned many times if I was learning anything.  Well, after taking the summer off, I am able to reflect back upon that experience and can confirm that I did learn many things but still have a long way to go.  I have tried to practice the moves I can remember throughout the summer months and am pleased with my accomplishments.  Just wish I could fit the steps to music and my Lindy dancing a little better but I am sure that will come in time.  I am hopeful that this coming winter our schedules will once again allow us to pursue Tap dancing.  If so, I am sure that I will again question that decision and experience some frustration along the way but as they say..."no pain, no gain."  

Did someone say workshops?  If you been keeping up with my posts, you know we visited the Parkville Senior Center for their Disco Dance.  I am not sure why it was called a Disco Dance since they only played one Disco all night but who am I to question something as minor as that.  Anyway, while at the dance, we connected with the events coordinator who was most appreciative of our attendance and impressed with our dancing.  As a result, she has contacted Bill about offering some workshops at the senior center for members and the surrounding community.  In addition, Bill may also be conducting special workshops this fall on the Eastern Shore.  So, stay tuned for more on these developments!  

On a personal note, Bill has received a great surprise and will be honored for his dancing accomplishments in September.  Ok, here is where it can get confusing, so stay focused!  For close to 20 years, Bill has been a member of and supported the Let's Dance Social Club.  He sells tickets to club dances, has brought new members into the club, and has taught dance lessons for them as well.  Every September, for the last 17 years, the club has sponsored a Hall of Fame Jam session where the best of the best musicians come together to jam and select ones are inducted into the Musicians Hall of Fame (HOF).  In recent years, the induction honors have been extended to dancers as well.  To his surprise, Bill was notified of his induction into the Dancers Hall of Fame (HOF) on 27 September.  Bill has not only spent a life time dancing and learning from some of the original Swing dancers (Craig and Frankie).  He has shared his knowledge and passion with his students; thus, passing on a rich heritage while inspiring, motivating, and enriching the lives of others through the universal language of dance.  Personally, I am extremely happy for him and very proud of his induction this year.  Ok, who just said all that?  What did you do with Sue?  Bring her back!
Don't worry, I did a smilebox for your viewing pleasure so you know it's really Sue posting!   I'm glad we had this time together......(sounds like a closing song from a show, doesn't it?) and until we meet safe and keep dancing!   Nostalgic Sue!!

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