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Lots of stuff going on............

In addition to dancing, we have had fun playing tourists on the Eastern Shore. Here are just of few of the things we have been doing this summer. We went to see Captain America back in July. It was in 3D and the animation was quite impressive. The beginning of the movie was actually the end of the story and the end of the movie was the beginning of the next story, the Avengers. So, be on the look out for the Avengers and if you haven't seen Captain America, give it a try. Let's talk food....

If you follow my posts, you know I talk about Hammerheads and the Strawberry Glazed Chicken Salad. Well, I found another treat to share with you. We went to the Frog, which is located at the inlet to eat and watch the charter boats return from a day of fishing. I ordered a Hawaiian Chicken sandwich. The chicken was grilled and was topped with honey ham and grilled pineapple. I think it's my second favorite behind the salad at Hammerheads. In addition to great food, the view was absoutely beautiful. Afterwards, we drove 20+ blocks to get some ice cream. Now, I'm not a big sweet eater but I do like my Strawberry Cheese Cake ice cream, which is located somewhere around 20th street. So, we walk into the ice cream shop and I was so excited with anticipation until the server said we are all out of Strawberry Cheese Cake ice cream. Ok, I decided to make the best of it and was just about ready to order something else when I saw the container and to my surprise there was some Strawberry Cheese Cake in the tub. I placed my order and the server still didn't want to give me the last small scoop of the ice cream. Personally, I think she wanted to keep it for herself but I was on a mission, extremely persistent, and eventually she gave me the last small scoop so now she could honestly say they were sold out. Let's talk about the weather.....

Well, Irene definitely altered my vacation plans. I was scheduled to be on leave the 29 Aug - 2 Sept but we couldn't get away because we were without power for 54 hours thanks to Irene. We were able to get to our properties on the Eastern Shore on Wednesday, 31 August and than goodness no major damage from the storm. We decided to hit the beach and it was absolutely beautiful and not crowded. The ocean was still rough and everyone was searching for shells from the storm. Bill and I were standing in the surf talking when a sand dollar washed up. It took a few tries but we snagged it. Standing close to us was a father/daughter team who was also searching for shells and they were doing great. So, I said to Bill "game on" and made him stop talking and start helping me find some more cool shells. It was fun and I have a nice little collection of new shells thanks to Irene. During our stay, we had breakfast (two times), rode bikes on the boards, and had dinner at the Angler with a evening cruise in the bay and along the shoreline of OC. Now, we can mention dancing....

We hit the Fenwick Inn and House of Welsh (HOW) on 31 August for some dancing and fun, which was followed by a visit to the Elks and HOW again on 2 September. It was great because I got a chance to see Dick, Kat, Joan, Jack, Barb, Rich, Viv, Lee, Neil, an Stanley for the first time this summer. We returned to the Western Shore for the End of Month (EOM) dance at Parkville on 3 September. Everyone survived the Earthquake and Irene and came ready to dance and celebrate Pat's Birthday. September will be a busy month as we have BikeFest, Sunfest, a Labor Day Dance at Sparrows Point Country Club, the Chicken Dinner Dance, a Moose Dance, Hall of Fame (HOF), the EOM dance, and a new class scheduled to begin at Saint Clare. I'm exhausted already!

Pic from the EOM dance at Parkville American Legion:

Until next time, be safe and keep dancing.....
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