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The BGdance Crew does exist

OMG, I can't believe my last post was 1 September 2011.  All I can say is sometimes life gets in the way and I absolutely hate it when that happens - so sorry to my loyal followers.  I've always said journaling relaxes me and yesterday I saw an article in Vitality, which is a magazine for CareFirst BlueCross BlueShield members that said keeping a journal is a great stress-fighting strategy.  So, here I am finally making time to journal and with just the first few sentences my stress level is instantly decreasing.  For me, journaling is like dancing and is a form of self expression where I don't necessarily worry about politics and protocol so I will place a warning here : If I get a little out of control - blame it on Connie since I am being fueled by her chocolate chip cookies.  Ok, time to talk about dance!! 

Let's begin with Sunday, 11 September and the famous Chicken Dinner Dance.  As usual, the food, company, music, and dancing was great.  Connie, the co-coordinator did a fantastic job and she had the following crew members in attendance:  Matt, Debbie, Bill, Sue, Glenn, Anita, Stan, Jane, Ed, and Pat.  Bert and Connie are regulars at Rossville and they have a table reserved each month for the dance.  So, if you are interested in attending - see Connie!   Just trying to make sure the co-coordinators stay gainfully employed!!  During these events, Connie wears two hats (co-coordinator and baker) so give her a shout-out and let her know how much you appreciate her efforts.  It takes a great deal of work to ensure everyone has a good time!   On the 24th, we had the EOM dance at the American Legion.  Another good turnout with Bert, Connie, Matt, Debbie, Kenny, Linda, Ed, Pat, Mark, MJ, John, and Dorothy as we also celebrated Pat's BDay.  A special welcome to Mark, John, and Dorothy as this was this was their first dance with the crew.  My biggest surprise was Mark, who I work with, because the man has natural rythm and he can dance in addition to being a character.  He definitely fits in with the crew and I know for sure we will see him again on the dance floor.  A mere three days later, the group was at it again as we attended the Let's Dance Club's annual Jam Session.  This yearly event was held on Tuesday, 27 September and it was special to me as we were inducted into the Dancers Hall of Fame (HOF).  In addition, we were personally touched as the crew attended to support our induction.   I may joke and kid about the crew members but I know how lucky we are to have such a wonderful group in our lives.  Not only are they great dancers but they are wonderful friends.  Thanks to Bert, Connie, Matt, and Debbie for their ongoing support over the years.  OK, enough as I don't want them to get big heads especially Connie who is always trying to take over as coordinator!   Sounds like we need another vote on duties!    Moving on to October................. 

October was a busy month as we were planning for Halloween.  We decided to dress up as bikers and what a a great job everyone did on their costumes.  Bill got BGDance Crew logos for the group, which made us look like a real biker crew and I think we actually scared some folks because Bert, Matt, and Tom looked quite authentic.  In addition, Bill came up with names for the crew members.  Of course, he was the President but we also have Smoothie, DeliQueen, Shooter, Professor, Number 1, Baker, Blogger, Crazy Feet, Party Girl, and the Super as members.  Our first Halloween dance was on 22 October in which the Village People made a special appearance and even did a floor show for the attendees.  If that wasn't enough, we had drinks, cheese, a sub (thanks to Connie and Sharyn), and a BDay celebration for Shooter (aka Tom).  Less than 24 hours later, the group got together again for a Sunday dance at Blob's Park.  I don't know what it is but everytime we go there, I become a man magnet.  I must have that West side look because the gentlemen come up and ask me to dance more there than anywhere else.  My dance card was full as I danced with Bill and Bert.  Yes, Bert and I are becoming the King and Queen of Polkas.  Bikers that also Polka - what's wrong with this picture?  We finished out the month with our second Halloween dance on the 29th.  Another great time and a special welcome to Shari, Rich, and Terri who joined the group for the first time last night.  Connie, also did a great job and had cheese, cookies, and cake for her three tables. 

Well, that's September and October in a nutshell.  Along with the dances, Bill is still busy teaching at Saint Clare every Tuesday and in OC the third Wednesday of each month.  I will leave you with a few pics and until the next time, be safe and keep dancing.  Signing off!!

BGDance biker Crew - Halloween Dance 2011

Inducted into the Dancers Hall of Fame 2011

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