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The Catch-up, Part I

Here it is 5+ months since my last post.  I know you must be thinking what happened!  Did I give up dancing?  Did the dance crew dissolve?  Don't worry, your questions will soon be answered but you will need to be patient.  I have so much to share that there is no way I can get you up-to-date in one post and besides Bert doesn't like it when my entries are long.  So, needless to say, we will have to do this together but in increments.  So, let's begin!

Two dance events come to mind when I think about November 2011.  Our traditional End of Month dance that is always a great deal of fun and our annual Thanksgiving dance with the LDSC.  I would have to say the LDSC event was the most memorable of the two gatherings.  After the dance, I began to question how the club came up with their name?  Is it because members and their guests are sociable and friendly people??  I learned that sometimes there is more excitement off than on the dance floor.  To my surprise, I can now say that the ladies room can be a dangerous place.  But, what sticks in my mind the most is that Connie, who is typically easy going and quiet has a rambunctious side and Diane is a force to be reckoned with as she leaves a path of destruction when it people try to take the fun out of dancing.  I know, it's a little cryptic but a big hell yeah to Connie and Diane!!  Enough negativity!

December 2011 hosted two dances.  NYE and our annual Christmas dance that was well attended.  Bill taught a shag lesson during band break and everyone seemed to have a great time.  We also celebrated Connie and Shari's birthdays.  This was Shari and Rich's first dance with us and they are still hanging out with the crew!  More about Shari later!!

Throughout November and December, we made our usual rounds at Rossville and the Moose.  It was during these gatherings that I learned the most about this group.  As long as I have known Matt and Debbie, I had no idea Debbie's house (or should I say Matt) had so many rules.  Did you know that there is a correct (Matt) way and incorrect (Debbie) way to get in and out of the shower.  I kid you not!  Take the poll to see how you rate but I can't unveil the official answer until later.  So, have fun, keep dancing, and stayed tune for more updates!
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