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The Catch-up Part II

January 2012 is by far the best month of the year.  Why, you ask?  Of course, it's because we celebrate my birthday!  Yes, we began the dances by wishing yours truly and Matt a big happy birthday at the famous Chicken dinner dance.  To my surprise, Ed, Pat, Stan, Jane, Tom, Sharyn, Bill E., Diane, and of course Bert, Connie, Debbie, Matt, and Bill G. were there.  I always complain about sharing my special day with Matt but I got to tell you he is wonderful.  He lets me take center stage as the special one.  Thank you, Matt!!  I was amazed at all the wonderful gifts I received.  To this day, I don't know how everyone knew exactly what to get me!!  It is because they are good friends?  Is it because we've been hanging out together for such a long time?  Is it because they love me?  Correct, it's all of the above.  Yes, they love me...they really love me (sorry having a flashback from the Mask).    I know you can't stand the suspense and want to know what I got.  Well, here are only a few of the amazing items:  a special glass from Ed and Pat that says I'm aged to perfection just like a fine wine; a bottle of Capt Morgan; 2 (of many more to come) percussion instruments; a European tree that we will plant outside; birthday beads, a princess pin, a crown, and balloon.  There were more but some are just not suitable for sharing, correct Matt?  More about the percussion instruments later!!  Again, there were many visits to Rossville and the GB Moose in January as well.  We frequent these venues because there are several bands we follow, so does that make us groupies?  One of the newer bands is a family and I'm not sure if they know what to think of us yet.  I say this because the members comprise a father and his two young (around 20 years old) sons.  I remember the first time I joined the band with my percussion talent!   The looks on their faces was priceless but I think we've made some progress as they now have a few instruments on the stage for me.  My only request is they bring more things to play with and not just a cow-bell. Yep, I want to be known as more than just a cow-bell girl!!  We finished out the month of January with a bull-roast benefit dance on the Sunday the 29th.  Enough about January....

Let's talk about February and our Vday dance!  This is always a great event, well attended, and the ladies always look lovely in their red attire.  See the pic below and you will know what I mean!   

Don't Anita, Debbie, Susan, Alvera, Dorothy, Pat, Linda, Jane, Connie, and Shari look marvelous?  Sunday Jam sessions also kicked off with great music available at the Mallet and Towers.  Just a few more comments (because you know Bert doesn't like long entries) before signing off.  My Polka partner (Bert) gave me hell for not posting for 5 months and informed me Friday night (20 April) that he will never read my blog again due to my lack of responsiveness.  Bert, that hurt!!  Hey, I made a funny!!  My good friend, Debbie, suggested we need a male perspective and recommended Bert begin a man blog!!  I like that suggestion - don't you?   Trust me, almost to the end but I can't say goodbye without talking about the Matt and his rules.  First, I don't think I will ever take the time to create a poll again because my babyboomer friends are technically challenged - just sayin!!!   If you are confused, pay attention and see my previous post regarding the shower poll.  Second, I will leave you thinking about toilet paper (TP)!!  I know this group has issues!  So, how do you replace your TP roll?  Does your first and following sheets unroll from the top or bottom?  To my babyboomer crew, just leave a comment no need to worry about a poll!!

Until next time, be safe, have fun, and keep dancing!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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