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The Catch-up Part III

Ok, back in the saddle and ready to give you another dancing update.  So, let's begin with March which provided the group two opportunities to show their green.  Our first dance was on 3 March and the gang decided to make it a dance and food fest as everyone brought munchies to eat.  We had Shari, Rich, Debbie, Matt, Tom, Sharyn, Glenn, Anita, Linda, Kenny, Connie, and Bert join us.  One week later, we had another dance at the American Legion and enjoyed the great company of Ed, Pat, Stan, Jane, Shari, Rich, Marianne, Bart, Glenn, Anita, Kenny, Linda, Connie, Bert, Matt, and Debbie.  I was at the vocal table while Bill was leading the mild mannered crew.  Of course, Shari had tons of trivia questions for the table.  After a while, I became a little stressed because I couldn't answer any of the trivia questions.  No kidding, Shari is a walking encyclopedia and on top of that has non-stop energy and can hold a coversation with anyone.  It's all good though and she adds a new dimension to the dynamics of the group!  Yep, you guessed it, this post is all about Shari since I have picked on Matt for the last two updates.  BTW, foget polls and expecting comments from this crew as they seem to be technically challenged and getting more so with age!  Sometimes I forget I am the youngest member of the crew!!  Ha, Ha!!  On 11 March, we got together with Shari, Rich, Bert, Connie, Matt, and Debbie for the famous chicken dinner dance.  With so many dances in March, I learned something new about Shari.  One, she has a habit of spilling drinks because her arms are so long and she is so animated.  In addition, she was imitating Chuck B. at the Chicken dinner dance and wiped out!  Yep, she landed flat on her bottom!.  Thank goodness she was ok but I truly believe she fell because her feet aren't big enough to support her height.  So, while she may look graceful when on the dance floor, watch out and stay clear of her when she's not on center stage as it could be hazardous to your health.  Sorry Shari but this is great blog material and I have to give Matt a break!!  Ok, enough picking on Shari!!!   We finished out the month of March with two trips to the Moose for what is becoming one of my favorite dance floors. 

Some pictures from our March dances for your viewing pleasure:
3 March 2012

10 March 2012:  The ladies

10 March 2012:  The men

10 March:  Percussion section (Marianne, Jane, Sue, and Pat)

11 March:  Chicken dinner dance (Shari and Bill)

March was also filled with birthday celebrations for Bert and Linda.  In addition, Bill G. was hired for several gigs on the Eastern shore (Seacrets and SSU) which were great fun as well!   Time to move onto April.................

The dance that was most memorable for me was the EOM at the American Legion as Ed, Pat, Shari, Rich, Terri, Tom, Connie, Bert, Matt, Debbie, Anita, Glenn, Kenny, Linda, Tom P., Sharyn, Bill E., and Diane helped us celebrate Bill G.'s birthday.  Wow, lots of Bills and Toms here!  Bill was extremely touched by all the birthday wishes and some very special gifts to include hot sauce, glasses with built-in lights for dark places (thanks to Matt & Debbie), and a new percussion instrument (agogo bell) to add to our collection. Of course, I have a picture of the group for you:

Well, I think that's enough abuse for one night!  Until next time, be safe and keep dancing! 
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