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May. 31st, 2012 @ 09:23 pm The catch-up part IV
So, we're almost there!  Only a few more events to share so let's begin with our Spring Dance or should I say Cinco de Mayo. Yep, on 6 May, Shari, Rich, Tom, Sharyn, Bert, Connie, Ed, Pat, Glenn, and Anita joined us for a colorful and festive celebration.  In addition to great music and company, we celebrated Sharyn's birthday and had a feast as everyone brought food.  Shari was in charge of the props and she didn't let us down.  Our tables had two giant sombreros and lots of sparkle and best of all, she took the decorations home with her as my closet is full to the max with dance trinkets.  Matt and Debbie were missing in action.  Can you believe they decided to celebrate their anniversary with a trip to Panama City.  What nerve!!  They either need to make sure they attend our dances or be prepared to take the dance crew with them.   Hint, hint!!!    I have to admit I thought I would be lost without Matt and the Capt; however, I was pleasantly surprised at Bert and how he took care of me in Matt's absence.  He really knows how to mix a drink to perfection.  Sorry Matt!!

The fun continued on the 12th when Miles River Yacht Club (MRYC) contracted Bill to teach a two hour workshop to club members who performed the choreographed routine for the audience later that evening.  A great time was had by all and the workshop participants worked really hard and I was personally very proud of them.  A special shout out to Shari, Rich, Terri, Tom, Diane, Bill, Glenn, and Anita who also supported Bill and joined the festivities.  Missing on the 12th were Bert, Connie, and Matt and Debbie who were still on vacation.  Bad Matt!  

The dancing fun continued with the EOM dance on 26 May where Bert, Connie, Matt, Debbie, Ed, Pat, Diane, and Bill joined us but we missed Glenn and Anita who were unable to attend at the last minute. I must say all the ladies loved Bill's green silk shirt that I pick up for him even though he's not fond of it.  I also got the biggest kick out of Bert, Connie, Matt, and Debbie who all took part in making me a drink, which believe me, is more coke than Capt Morgan.  Connie possesses a superior mixing technique that it much better than Matt's finger approach.  OMG....TMI!!!!!

In case you haven't noticed, I always pick on one of the crew members but they know it's done with love and admiration!  So, I will leave you with another Matt idiosyncrasy.....When removing a lid from a pot cooking on the stove, do you place the lid face down or face up?   Soon, I will share with you all the answers to these burning questions but not tonight!

Signing off but don't forget to keep dancing! 
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