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Bill Goschen Dance
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Dec. 17th, 2012 @ 09:39 pm Winterfest Weekend 2012
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Well, once again it's been several months since my last post but no need to worry as the crew is alive and well.  We've expanded our adventures beyond dancing and are discovering we have many hidden talents.  This past weekend, (14 and 15 December), we decided to go to OC for two days of dancing, dining, craft making, and a somewhat competitive tractor challenge.  It was an absolute blast and I haven't laughed that hard in a long time.  So, let's begin our journey with Friday night, December 14th.  

We all met at the House of Welsh (HOW) at around 6pm for dinner.  The food was great and the company was outstanding as we dined with Matt, Debbie, Connie, Bert, Kenny, Linda, Diane, Bill E., Shari, Rich, Mak, and John.   Tony V. provided the music and believe it or not, Bert and I even got a chance to polka.  I never knew you could polka to country music before then!  A real treat was in store as we (Matt, Debbie, Diane, Bill E., Bill G., and Sue) performed not one but two choreographed dance routines.  In addition to our West Coast Swing routine, we debuted our Cha-Cha routine that is about five minutes long and involves the ladies rotating and dancing with all three men.  It was impressive and I was so proud of the group!  After that, we kicked back and really started to have some fun.  Not only can this group dance, but they are also musically inclined and make regular appearances with local bands.   Typically, we have Shari on the cow bell, Debbie can play the shaky-shaky things or tambourine, and Connie is our lead as she kicks @@@ on the agogo. Mak is new to the band, which is evident by her bruised hand.  It takes a while to learn how to play the instruments without hurting yourself.  Don't worry Mak - we've all been there early in our careers!  If this isn't impressive enough, we expanded our horizons to singing and realized we have some great talent with Bill E leading the vocals.  We were so good, the entire HOW staff came out from the kitchen and dining room to watch, listen, laugh, and applaud.  The gang even got in a whistle stop and all the girls took a turn dancing the shag with Bill and what a show they put on as it ended with the two Bills.  Sorry, words can't describe it so you will just have to catch up with us the next time we are in town to see it in person!  So, day one of our excursion ended with us owning the house at the House of Welsh!  Some pics to reflect only a small fraction of our fun!  Stay tuned for more on our adventures!  Until the next time, stay safe and keep dancing.....................
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Date:December 22nd, 2012 04:28 pm (UTC)

Winterfest Weekend

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Thanks to Bill & Sue for organizing such a wonderful weekend!! & Many thanks to all who participated to make a truley wonderful weekend!!! (Actually one whole week crammed into a weekend!!) not complaining by any means...just saying! Can't wait till next year!! We had a BLAST!! Love you all, xoxoxo Diane & Bill E
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