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DWTS - Update Less than 12 hours before the dance-off

Yikes, less than 12 hours before the dance-off.  At practice Thursday night, Nancy looked great.  It was obvious she was having fun and her expressions were quite enjoyable and she displayed great stage presence.  They rehearsed at Nancy's Church in Tyaskin.  After rehearsal, Nancy was kind enough to invite Bill and I to her house for some relaxation.  If you've never been to Tyaskin, you've got to go there.  What a beautiful peaceful place.  We walked down to the marina and watched the sunset and boy was that just what the doctor ordered because you could see the stress leave our bodies.  We also got the chance to meet Nancy's four legged children.  What a hoot and what a happy house!  Thank you Nancy for the invite and sharing your life with us. 

Friday was a busy day!  We still had some last minute errands to run in preparation for the big night.  Then, we had to be at the hall at 5:45pm for stage rehearsal.  It was long!  Bill worked with the sound and lighting experts and hopefully, everything will be perfect for Saturday night.  We were there until 7pm and after that we went to a local dance studio to rehearse yet again.  The video crew was there and seemed to have fun filming and taking pictures of the practice session.  I think we made it back home around 9pm and then I got to iron costumes unti about 11pm.  Although I felt tired, I did not get any sleep last night.  I think I'm nervous enough for the both of them; however, Bill seems to be relaxed and is quite positive about the routine.  As long as they pull off the bongo butt Bill will be happy.  He is out to have fun and give the audience a show to remember.  Today, we will try to relax and have to be at the hall at 4:30pm for pictures and last minute instruction.  Doors open at 6pm and the show begins at 7pm.  I figure by 7:20pm it will all be over and maybe tonight I can get some sleep. 

So, stayed tuned for who will raise the most money and dance away with the coveted mirror ball trophy! 
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