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DWTS2010 - The Routine Part II

So, the other question to answer is how did Bill and Nancy do.  Well, they received a 26 (8, 9, and 9) for their Mambo routine.  Although they did not dance away with the trophy, they had a great time and helped the Wellness Community raise about $140,000.   Bill and Nancy knew they wouldn't win this year.  After all, it's hard to physically compete with those in their 20's and 30's when your 56 and 63, respectively.  So, instead of focusing on the win, they focused on showing the audience a good time and giving a performance everyone would be talking about.  According to Bill, mission accomplished and he is happy and considers that a win in and of itself.  Can't wait to see the 2010 pictures and video.  The event has really grown and the overall money raised more than double that donated last year.  I think the winner this year raised something like $40,000 alone.  Sorry, I can't remember the score for their Salsa performance but it was great! 

In 2009, the winning dance was the Hustle and Salsa took the win in 2010.  What dance will win in 2011?  Only time will tell what's in store for DWTS2011. 

Thanks for following Bill and Nancy's journey.  It's been fun sharing their experience with you. 
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