Fun, Fun, Fun

It's hard to believe summer is in full swing and speaking of swing we have been busy teaching, tapping, and having fun with the BGdance crew.  We have finished Tap lessons and will take some time off during the summer as we are busy between the Eastern and Western shores.  I am sure we will continue our Tap journey in the Fall.  I am trying to discipline myself to get in the studio every Monday (same as lessons) and practice, practice, practice so I don't forget what I learned.  Looking back, I am happy and proud of what I did learn.  It's funny because at the time I didn't think I was learning anything but I did!  Go Sue!!

On Tuesday night, we are busy teaching West Coast Swing.  The advanced group is looking good and working hard on our choreographed routine.  Just this week, we added the last few moves and ending.  It's exciting and I think everyone is having fun as we are preparing for a show case in July.  More on that later!   

Bill is still teaching in Ocean City at the Skyline Bar & Grille the last Wednesday of each month.  In fact, I am taking some well deserved vacation time and will be there to help him on 29 June.  We will also be busy as we begin teaching West Coast Swing in Seaford, Delaware on 17 June. 

I am still getting my personal dance fix thanks to our dance parties.  We celebrated Memorial Day with two dances in 24 hours.  I even got to get on stage with the band to play the tambourine and sing.  Note:  You don't have to ask me twice to get on stage!!  The last few weekends we have been at the beach and had a great time on 11 June with the OC Air Show and a dance at the Elks Club.  The Air Show was fantastic and if you haven't attended, you don't know what you're missing!  It's a must do - at least once in your life.  It was crowded and we were driving around for 30 minutes (and counting) looking for a parking space.  Thank goodness for the internet!  While trying to find parking, Bill received a call for a dance lesson.  It just so happened the customer had a condo on 12th street, which was smack dab in the middle of the Air Show.  So, we got free and close parking, watched the Air Show, and taught a private lesson.  Perfect timing and this is one time our webpage really paid off!!  We also checked out the new Casino at Ocean Downs.  It was beautiful and impressive from a technology perspective.  There were about 6 Black Jack tables; however, the dealer was a program not a human.  It was very cool!  Thank goodness Bill only took $40 in with us, which gave us about an hour of play time.  Well, at least I can say we checked out the Casino.  We departed  and went into OC and played some interactive video games with lots guns and fire power. 

If you been following my blog, you know my latest thrill (besides dancing) is smile box.  So, I have a few  for you!    Enjoy, be safe, and keep dancing!!!!!!!!!!!!


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Dancing is still alive

Yes, it's been a month since my last post but that doesn't mean we haven't been busy.  We have been busy with Tap lessons and teaching West Coast Swing on Tuesday night at Saint Clare.  In addition, we have had many opportunities to get the gang together for some fun and dancing.  So, it's time to get started and give you a recap of what's been going on. 

On 3 April, the gang got together at American Turners for an afternoon of fun, food, and dancing.  It was great and we had a chance to do our routine several times and I must say we nailed it!  The fun continued on 8 April at Rossville with plenty of dancing, which was followed by the famous Chicken dinner dance on 10 April as we celebrated Diane's birthday.  No rest for this group as we got together on 16 April at the Moose (where you can't take pictures) to celebrate Bill's birthday.  The gang spoiled him as he got a chocolate chip cookie cake, an ice cream cone, a Captain America lunch box and shirt, and of course a Redbook Magazine.  The end of April was extremely busy as I took off from work and we went to the Eastern Shore.  Bill taught at the Skyline Bar & Grill on 27 April and we met members from the Delmarva Hand Dance Club on 28 April for more fun and dancing.  We were back on the floor on 30 April with End of Month dance at Parkville, which was followed 12 hours later by the Let's Dance Club's Jam session on 1 May also at Parkville. 

We finished our month of dancing with a visit to Rossvile on 6 May.  Ok, my first week back to work after leave was tough and I was looking forward to unwinding on the 6th by having some fun and a few drinks with Matt, Debbie, Connie, Bert, Bill, and Diane.  Of course, I was looking forward to hearing the sounds of Mixed Company and knew I would get my dance fix in.  Well, there must have been a full moon somewhere because it was a crazy night and I am glad I had a few drinks.  When we go to hear Mixed Company on Friday night, we usually get to see Sydney and Stevie who are 10 and 8, respectively and are the children of one of the band members.  These kids are amazing as Sydney plays the drums and Stevie plays the guitar.  Since we are friends with the band, the kids like to come and sit with us at our table.   Sydney always tells me she is a tomboy and she doesn't like girly girl stuff.  Before I know it, I find myself debating with a 10 year old on a multitude of topics and I must say I don't do very well and never win.  Now, I am not a mother (please remember this as you continue to read this post) so I find it amazing and somewhat refreshing how honest kids are.  But,  it's all good and we chat (or should I say I get abused) and take them out on the dance floor (or should I say Bills forces Sydney to dance with him).  That was until I was advised, by an official VFW member,  that children could not leave the table after 8pm and we were not supposed to take them on the dance floor.  Needless to say, I was shocked (as I was getting yelled at) when I learned this information.  All night long, the official VFW member (or should I say the old guy who collects the money) decided to bend my ear about the kids and all I could keep saying was they aren't my kids.   It got so bad that every time I walked from the rest room back to our table, he grabbed me to complain.  To add to the comedy, the music was playing, he was wearing a hearing aid, and I had to keep yelling when talking to him.  There was so much controversy that the more senior board members pulled out the rules and debated whether or not the kids could dance with us on the floor.  Man, there are so many rules and politics that I felt like I was at work.   Of course, this situation was amplified by my friends who kept egging me on!  If I ever go back there again, I am going to wear a wig so he won't recognize me.  In between the old guy and the kids, we got the chance to do our routine and once again we nailed it and we have learned that Bert must pick the song!  If Bert doesn't feel it, we don't dance it!!  When it comes to the routine, I have to call the moves out to Bill who is also hard of hearing especially when the music is loud and there is background noise.  Apparently, I call the moves a little loud according to Connie and Diane and all night, they kept teasing me by screaming FLAIR!!!!!!!!!!!!   So, I've decided that I will never call the moves again and I'm going to tell Bill G. to keep the run, run, run in the routine!  Or maybe, only numbers 1 and 4 will do the run, run, run!  What do you think Debbie (number 3)?  I know it sounds unbelievable but no worries as the proof is in the pictures (especially pic number 86).  So, take a minute and look at the pics below to see how much fun we've had over the last month.    Note:  This post was powered by Connie's extra chocolate brownies!  Thanks, Conne!!  Note, Note:  To Steve M:  I defended the kids and gave it back to the old guy in a very polite manner, of course!!

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Some pictures from Ocean City and the Delmarva Hand Dance Club.

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Life is crazy but thank goodness for dancing..........

Wow, I am way behind on journaling.  All I can say is sometimes life gets in the way of my posts.  I know it's hard to believe but even though I haven't given an update in almost a month that doesn't mean that we haven't been busy dancing.   With the insanity of everyday life, I am so thankful I have dancing as a release; otherwise, I don't know what I would do!   Time to begin the journey with an update on Tap lessons....

We have finished one session and just signed up for another eight week class.  We also purchased new Tap shoes.  Boy, I have never had so much trouble finding a pair of dance shoes as I have had with Tap shoes.  But, after several tries, I think I have found a pair although it will take some time to break them in.  We have been practicing some and playing around on the dance floor with incorporating some Tap moves into our Swing dancing.  I think Bill is having fun with lessons especially since he is the only male in our class.  He takes a beating from us but it's all in fun and he likes being the center of our jokes.  Ok, time to Swing over to Saint Clare......

Boy, the advanced group is doing great!  They have been working so hard on their movement and the dance routine.  We have practiced the routine out in public several times within the last week and it was amazing.  All eyes were upon us and we executed it perfectly.  Great job, gang!   But we don't rest and each week, we're back in class refining the moves and working on new movements for both the men and women.  The ladies have really nailed the stroll so it was time this past week to focus on some fancy moves for the men.  In addition, we worked on incorporating the double resistence, which the group has been working on for several weeks.  I think we gave them a good workout this week because everyone looked tired when they departed for the night.  We will have several more opportunities to go live with the routine this weekend as we will be dancing Friday and Sunday.    Time to share the fun...............

After a hard week of work and dance lessons, the group was ready for some fun last weekend and we got together Friday and Sunday.  Since these weren't sanctioned dances promoted by the best events coordinator ever (that's me), Debbie has the responsibility for blogging.  You really need to check out her review of our adventures last Friday when we visited the Moose.  You can catch her recap via StrictlySwing2:    Last but not least, time to share some pcis from our last St Patrick's Day dance on 26 March.  Thanks to Bill and Diane for working hard to sponsor the event as a good time was had by all.  Enjoy and until next time, be safe and keep dancing. 

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It's all about the dances this week...............

Yes, we had the standard dance (Tap and West Coast Swing) lessons but forget any updates.  The dances, yes there were two of them last weekend, win the journaling spot this week.  Hold on because it's going to get interesting!!   First stop, the American Legion............

OK, Saturday night (12 March), the gang got together for our End of Month (EOM) dance.  I know, you're thinking it's not the end of the month but who cares it was a chance to dance and it was our St Patrick's celebration.  Hold on, did I forget to mention that it was also Bert's bday celebration as well!   Of course, we got there a little late thanks to Bill.  I give him reminders all through the day about when we need to be motoring.  Obviously, I must be doing it with a frown (ask Bill about his RedBook article) because we never leave when we are supposed to.  This is is ruining my status as supreme events coordinator!  Anyway, by the time we arrived and checked in, Bert, Connie, Sharyn, and Tom were already there!   We had two tables, so I set out the center peices, hot cheese, and gave the ladies shamrock necklaces to wear.  Next to arrive, were Debbie, Matt, Ed, Pat, Anita, Millie, Linda, Kenny, and, last but not least, Stan, and Jane.  Oh, I forgot to mention that I had my traditional holiday glass, which was a green plastic shamrock mug that Matt kept filled 100% of the time for me throughout the night!  Thanks, Matt!  Before I go any further, I must also give a shout out the the staff who provides the dinners at these dances.  The food has been getting better but I do have one request, please don't give dancers cabbage for dinner.  It, combined with alcohol, can quickly damage the air quality levels within a confined dance hall!  Funny, Sue!!  Don't worry, I didn't eat the cabbage so I was not contributing to the polution! 

Bill and I were sitting a different tables so we could each spend time with everyone.  Early on and before dinner, I had the chance to chat with Ed and Pat.  We had a nice conversation and to my surprise, I found out that I have a lot in common with Pat.  Like myself, Pat also keeps a journal; however, the only difference is she keeps hers private!  Smart, Pat!!  We also like to shop at some of the same stores but that's our secret and I'm not giving it up.  Wink, wink....Pat!!  Great minds think alike!!  Back at the other table, Connie was jotting down the highly guarded sequence of moves for our West Coast Swing routine.  You could see the pressure on everyone's face as they anticipated that point in time when Goschen would say......"You ready?"   You see, we have heard time and time again about  Debbie and Connie (mini-me, want to be events coordinators) getting the group together for non-sanctioned events, when we are teaching out of town, practicing the routine, and creating non-certified dance moves.  Yep, you know where this is going!!  For sure, the group would perform beautifully with the mighty master (that's Goschen) there!  Keep drinking my friends and you don't have to say that twice to Bert and the rest of the group!    So, did the group perform and if so, how did we do?  Well, you're just going to have to wait for that answer because now I'm going to talk about the bday boy himself, the rock, the man in the number one position....Bert M.   On to the bday news................

After dinner, we celebrated Bert's bday with Connie's homemade cake, brownies, and sugar cookies.  Connie is the best baker and everyone looks forward to her goodies at the dances.  In fact, I think I caught, on my camera, Bill and Diane E. stealing some cake.  What's up with that? Connie has definitely secured her position as the group's baker!  Sweet, Connie!!   Bert was a good sport as he posed for the traditional bday pictures (with his bday hat and sunglasses).  He received lots of bday cards and most of them had some reference to beer.  Bert, I don't know why that confused you!  Afterall, everytime we're ready to do the routine we have to wait for you to get back from the bar!!  Now kids, this is not condoning the consumption of alcohol by any means!!  The best gift by far came from Matt and Debbie.  It was a shirt with the West Coast Swing routine written on it so Bert will always remember what move to do and when to do it!  Smart, Matt and Debbie!  Although it's so sad that Goschen changed the sequence of the moves and the shirt is obsolete before Bert ever had a chance to wear it!  I guess Debbie will have to make Bert and the rest of the gang a new shirt but I would wait until the routine is finalized.  Like that will ever happen!   Sarcastic, Sue!! 

The dancing and fun continued, the floor starts to clear near the end of the night, the band played that song, everyone at the tables looked at each other, and Goschen finally said  those two magical or dreaded words "You ready?"  Yes, it was time to go live with our West Coast Swing routine!   The excitement built as the gang got up from the tables and proceeded to the dance floor.  We arranged ourselves in the proper order, which sometimes can be a tasking and major accomplishment in itself.  That's for you, Connie!!  Now remember, I said Goschen changed the routine and all throughout the night the gang was memorizing and rehearsing the new routine.  They were so serious with practicing that I saw Bill E. take chewing gum out of his mouth, stick it to his forehead, and then smack the paper with the moves on it to his gummed up forehead!  Dedicated, Bill E.!!   But, it didn't stop there and you're really going to find out how tight this group is!  Yep, Connie takes Bill E's gummed paper with the dance moves and sticks it to her head!  Nasty is all I can say!!  Hey, who am I to say what method works or doesn't work but I will tell you that the group had the new routine down!   Looking back, we should have tried that approach with Goschen because when we went live with the routine Goschen was doing new moves, which he has not shown the group yet and everyone got a little confused but they still had big smiles on their faces.   We finished the dance, walked back to our tables, and Matt and Bert (who were at my table) wanted to debrief and talk about what just happened.  I am glad they are so positive and Matt said it was a good exercise in seeing how quickly they could respond to what Goschen was doing.  Before the night ended, the gang got the chance to do the whistle stop, which was executed beautifully.  With that, it's time to leave the Legion and dance on over to the VFW.....

Sunday morning (13 March), I'm sitting at the kitchen table with Goschen when he looks at me and said, "I think I messed up the routine!"  Do you think?  So, before our afternoon dance, I was drilling him (like I do with tap) on the sequence of the dance moves!!  We arrived at the Rossville VFW, only second to the ever punctual Bert and Connie, and waited for Debbie, Matt, Bill, and Diane to arrive.  By 2:30pm the tired looking group was back together for another round of fun, food, and dancing.  It was a fun afternoon for me since I got the chance to dance to Bill Y., the best horn player around.  In addition, Steve taught me how to play the tambourine.  I' ve been joining the band for a song or two lately but found out last weekend that I've been doing it all wrong!!  Bummer!  No worries though, because Steve told me to count and make sure I hit the tambourine hard on the 2 and 4 beats!  No problem because I dance and can count to at least eight!  Think again, Sue!   I kept coming in on the 1 and 3 beats and it got so bad that Steve had to shake his head to one side to let me know when to hit the tambourine.  The only visual that comes to mind is the following scene from a Night at the Roxbury:  Wow, I hope Steve didn't hurt his neck trying to help me become a better musician!   Sorry, enough about Sue and her tambourine woes...back to dancing!   Ok, I have drilled Goschen all morning on the new routine and I think he's ready to go live but Connie, Debbie, and Diane wanted proof!   So, each one of them got out there with Goschen and practiced the routine!  They were sneaky because untrained eyes just thought they were dancing and had no idea it was a special choreographed routine.  Only then, did we know it was redemption day!   The last set rapidly approached and the band played at least three swing songs and we did the routine to each and every song they played.  We absolutely, positively, and without a doubt nailed it!   We definitely ruled the VFW last Sunday!  Oh, I forgot to mention that we were brought some extra special good luck when Debbie, who was outside getting some fresh air, graciously allowed her head to be a landing strip for bird poop!   Debbie, thanks for taking one for the team and it looks like you started a new tradition before we go live with the routine!!   What else can be said at this point except for don't forget to check out my smilebox below.  Debbie, this one is for you my friend!!   Until next time, be safe and keep dancing!!
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Does the fun ever stop..............

Everyone has their passion in life and if you haven't  noticed, mine is dancing.  In the 20+ years that I have been on the floor there have been a few times when the politics has gotten frustrating but my love for the music, moves, and good friends has kept dancing fun and a very important part of my life.  Like any hobby, it can be time consuming but it makes it all worth it when you receive kind words of thanks from your fellow dancers.  I do not share often but I do want to give a shout out to Sharyn, Ed, Pat, and Jane who on numerous occasions have sent me kind words of gratitude in private.  I was so touched by one message that I thought I would share it with you, so here it is:  "The SmileBox pics were neat.  I really don't know how you make the time to do all of the things that you do.  You work full-time; do dance lessons all over the place several nights a week; keep up a running blog about everything that is going on; hold down the very critical position of Events Coordinator (which requires you to locate events and then keep track of who is going to what and who has or hasn't paid for what); and you are the senior photographer and maker of SmileBoxes (with help from your junior associate, Matt).  All the while being a good wife and keeping your hubby on track.  I got tired just writing this.  Anyway, I'm glad you do it all.  Thanks for everything."  Wow, wasn't that nice!  Thanks, EB!  Ok, enough about how wonderful I am, time to talk about dancing..........

On Friday nights, we have been teaching a Hustle lesson in Seaford, Delaware.  When they first approached us about lessons, we were excited and then we found out they wanted to learn the Hustle.  Bill just shook his head and said that's the hardest dance to learn especially for those who have never danced before.  But, we answered the call and what a surprise we got!  This group is amazing on how quickly they learn and can remember from week to week the movement and patterns Bill has taught them.  Of course, I have a smilebox to share with you.  Connie, I know you are the official BGdance sign holder but you weren't's kind of like when you and Debbie sponsor those non-sanctioned dance events without us!  Bad, Sue!! 

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Yes, while we were working hard Friday night (4 March), Debbie and Connie got that renegade group together for another non-sanctioned dance and from what I hear, Bert is creating non-certified dance movement similar to Matt's happy feet.  Bad, Bert!  I'm not sure I have the entire story about what really happened that night because I keep getting conflicting information from the culprits.  So, I will leave it up to you to interpret what really happened by reading the competitor's blog at:

Boy, this group is a mess and in need of a serious review this Tuesday.   Not a problem, I will make sure they get a good workout next week.  Girls, can you say double resistence?  OMG, I just realized that I am beginning to sound judgmental or is it just mental.  What am I thinking?  I always say the music made me do it and I firmly believe each person should bring their personality to the dance floor.  Bert, forgive me!  You can do whatever the music leads you to as long as Bill isn't there running a rehearsal!!  Good thing Bill doesn't read this blog or I would be in trouble for giving that kind of guidance!!  Sneaky, Sue!

As you can see, the fun with this group never ends and they keep me on my toes.  Looks like another busy week ahead ending with a dance on 12 March.  Should be fun and provide some great blogging material - until then be safe and keep dancing! 

Dancing Fools

OMG, it's hard to believe I have not posted anything since 17 February.  Obviously, I am behind and there has been a lot going on, so buckle up for a wild ride.  If you're a follower, you know our first stop is Monday night Tap lessons.  Class on 21 Feb was great fun for me.  Maybe that's because I was hot and even Bill said you're really coming on tonight, Sue!   But there's more... the new girl, Bethany who has Tapped for 10 years said I looked graceful doing the Maxi Ford.  Now, I have to be honest I can't see using the words graceful, Sue, and Tap in the same sentence but it made me feel good and gave me a good laugh. Thanks for the compliment, Bethany!!   Even though we haven't had a chance to practice between lessons, I think we are beginning to repeat the moves enough during class that it's starting to stick in our memory banks.  Our instructor is also slowing things down since we have all new people in class and she will review whatever we want.  Good Instructor!!   We're doing good with our Jigs, the Maxi Ford, Time Steps, Spanks, the Buffalo, and my new favorite the Cincinatti.  We are also playing with a little routine to help us practice leap and hop shuffles.  I felt so good on the drive home until Bill opened his mouth.  He said, I think we feel like were getting better because the level of the class has been lowered with all the newbies.  Shut-up, Bill!  Hey, this is my blog and if I say were getting better, than it must be true or at least that's my story and I'm sticking to it.    Moving on to Tuesday night and Swing lessons at Saint Clare......

22 February was a busy night for us as we had a private lesson from 5:30 - 6:30pm, the advanced West Coast Swing group followed by the beginner West Coast Swing class, which ended at 9pm.  Needless to say, my feet were tired!   The advanced group is working hard on their dance moves and spent the entire night working on the double resistence.  There were some long faces as they strived to achieve the feeling without losing sync with their partners.  I am not worried because I know this group and with some more practice and little Capt Morgan, they will get it or my name isn't Sue Goschen!!  Funny, Sue!  Shouts outs to Rich, Sandy, and Margie who worked hard during their lessons and impressed me with their attention to detail and determination!  Ok, it's time to hop in the car and take Route 50 to Ocean City......

Bill had another great night teaching at Jordan's Rooftop in the Fenwick Inn on Wednesday, 23 February.  He did something a little different and taught a slow dance, which was well received by the group.  His call commands were also unique as he directed the group to turn and walk towards the Ocean and then the Bay.  Hey, when in OC, use nautical terms?  That's bad, Sue!   You would think I get some rest while he is gone but that's not the case.  Alex, the dog, got to stay home with me and boy is she a pistol when Bill's not around.  She is definitely daddy's girl.  Here's a picture of what I had to deal with in his absence: 

No rest as we got the group together and went out dancing on Friday night, 25 February.  We tried something new and went to Blobs to hear the Bayside Big Band.  It was fun and we met some new people.  I think Blobs is my new favorite spot to hang.  I don't know what it is but everytime (two times) we go there, the men come out of the woodwork and ask me to dance.  I am a man magnet and apparently the gang (or Matt) has dubbed me queen of the South!   We got to do the Whistle stop and the group practiced our West Coast Swing routine a few times, when we could pull Bert away from the bar!   As if we hadn't had enough, we decided to go out again on Saturday night, 26 February to the American Legion to dance to the sounds of Mixed Company.  Ok, our intentions were good but it was a little crowded and tough to find a spot on the dance floor.  I also got de-throned as Connie became the man magnet and earned the title of queen of the East and boy she didn't let me forget it either.  The best part of the night was during the last hour of dancing when the floor cleared out and the gang got the chance to do the West Coast Swing routine.  It looked great and all eyes were on us!   Bert did a great job leading the peel and everyone was in sync with the flare, to a swing out, to an eight to close, to a set with a spin and a shimmy for the ladies.  Wow!  In addition to dancing, the group was up to their normal antics which included making fun of Bill's Harbor Freight sound amplifier for his ear.  It was so effective that I am going to go back and get one for all the men!  Bill, you get what you pay for!   Funny, Sue! 

After a little rest on Sunday, we were back at Tap lessons on Monday, 28 February.  It was another great class and we practiced all hour on our time steps and the military shuffle.  Bill has even been practicing this week!  His new favorite move is the Cincinatti and he keeps bugging me to show it to him but I 'm not going to until he gets his time steps memorized!  Tough, Sue!! 

We had another great lesson at Saint Clare on 1 March with the advanced group.  This is the second week that they have been working on the double resistence.  Finally,  we showed the ladies a fun stroll that we will incorporate into the West Coast routine.  It looked great as all the ladies did it at the same time.  Smart, Sue!!

In addition to lessons and social dancing, I have been having a great deal of fun with smilebox.  In fact, my latest creation (BGdance newsletter) is below so take a look and I hope you enjoy it and remember, it don't mean a thing if you ain't got that Swing!

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lots of dancing going on................

Another non-stop week full of fun and dancing that included Tap lessons, and I have to admit we did pretty good.  We reviewed time steps, which I remembered fairly well and of course, we learned a few new things.  We still have a lot to work on but I think it's getting better and we are the most experienced with our instructor in our Monday night class.  The new girl is good but she is willing to slow the pace down and review, which is great for us.   Bill's ankle is swolen from 5+ days straight of non-stop dancing/teaching but he hung in there for the entire lesson.  After class, we talked to our instructor who has asked us to sponsor a workshop for the youth in her church.  Stayed tuned for more details.. 

Tuesday night, the advanced gang got together to practice their West Coast Swing routine.  And, I need to give a shout out to Diane who brought a hollow milk chocolate apple for us, the best teachers ever.  Thanks, Di and boy did the group razz her about kissing up to the instructors.  Don't listen to them and feel free to bring us gifts all the time!  Some shots of the group working hard on their routine: 
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The week ended with not 1 but 2 Vday dances.  The first one occurred on 12 February and was followed by another one on the 13th that featured the Bayside Big Band.  A great time was had by all and again I have some pics, via my new toy, to share with you: 
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Last but not least, the public has spoken and I have retained my title of events coordinator.  It was a tough race and thanks to those who voted for me (guess my whining paid off).  Connie has retained her position as group baker with her Red Velvet cake this past weekend.  It was to die for and my new favorite cake!  Debbie has found a new position as blogger via something called StrictlySwing2.  She has proven to be a worthy opponent and I look forward to her future escapades. 

A busy week ahead with lessons and so far, we have dances scheduled for 25 Feb, 12 and 26 March.  Loving life!  Until next time, be safe and keep dancing! 

Lots of dancing and fun with Connie and Debbie

Well, another busy and interesting week with dance.  I want to begin with our group Hustle lesson last Friday night in Seaford, Delaware.  What a hoot!   We had a great time with this group and don't worry I'm going to take my camera this week to get some shots for you.  Most of the people are new to dance so we were a little surprised when they requested the Hustle, which is not an easy dance for newbies to learn.  But, by the end of the night, they were rotating with each other in a circle and the ladies learned an under arm turn.  It was a treat for me to sit back and watch the entire room dancing together, as one, as Bill called the routine.  Throughout the lesson, I tried to stress the importance of a tight framework and the tension in the arms needed by both the man and woman.  I think they got it because when the ladies rotated, all I could hear them saying was no spaghetti arms, no spaghetti arms to their new partners.  I am so looking forward to the lesson this week and Bill has some surprises in store for them, so stayed tuned for an update and some photos next week.  Moving on to Tap.....

Monday night was the first class for this session.  We had two new people join the group and for a moment we felt good because we were the experienced ones and had advanced knowledge of what to expect during the lesson.  And, we also got a chance to review some of the more basic moves we learned many many weeks ago.  Yes, we were the experienced ones for a moment until the new girl started to move.  It turns out she tap danced for 12 years and man were her feet fast.  Yes, we enjoyed the feeling of superiority for a few brief moments but have once again, been put back in our place.  Oh well, at least were ahead of the new guy - for now.  He is young and looks like he will be a quick learner.  At least we still have our sense of humor!  Swinging on to Tuesday and dance lessons at Saint Clare.......

Another great time was had by all on Tuesday night.  Bill was quite busy with private lesson followed the the advanced and then beginner groups.  The advanced group continued to work on their West Coast Swing routine and the peel.  In addition, they finalized a swing out, to an eight to close, to a set, with a double spin for the ladies.  It was a blast and everyone did great, even Connie and Debbie.  An inside joke that you know about if you read my last post.  The beginner group also has a nice routine to include moving in/out of open and closed position, a tuck turn, to an under arm turn for the ladies.  As a treat, Bill taught them how to move from the Jitterbug to a six count Push Step.  As you can see, it was an action packed night.  Leaving the dance scene and moving on to the continuing battle of wits with the want-to-be events coordinators. 

Yep, Connie and Debbie were at it again and threw another non-sanctioned dance event last Friday while we were teaching in Delaware.  Now, I just have one question which is why is everyone trying to do my job?  Ok, pay attention and I will start from the beginning.  The group has indicated they want to get together at least once a month for social dancing.  So, I have taken on the responsibility of finding dance venues, getting tickets and mailing tickets to the group, providing a welcoming environment during the event, taking/uploading pictures of the group having fun, and blogging about our adventures.  All this for one person....I know it's amazing!   Well, unknown to me, there was apparently some dissension in the group or should I say with instigator Connie and the devil in disguise Debbie.  Funny, Sue!   These two characters have been getting the group together, throwing parties, started a blog and have been journaling about their adventures, and are relying on techno challenged Diane to upload photos to FB, like that will ever happen.  If that's not bad enough, tambourine floozy Debbie is now taking my spot with the band and bad Connie is requesting the musicians play Copa, which is my song, so she can dance the Hustle.  This is my life story, I get fired and three people are appointed to do the job I used to do.  I know TMI but this has turned into a fun battle of wits between us.  So, where do we go from here?  In my last post, the public had the chance to vote for the next events coordinator and as of now, it's a tie between us.  Someone needs to vote, for me of course, so I can reign supreme.  To cast your vote, make sure you click on the radio button (don't leave comments) and don't believe Debbie when she says the radio buttons don't work.  Vote here for Sue; otherwise, I will relinquish my position at the end of March and leave these parting words for Connie and Debbie:
Don't worry, I'm thinking a baking position open up soon, and I can bake.  

Update:  It looks like Debbie and Connie are taking this voting thing way to seriously:

That's all for now and I've never had so much fun as I do with this group.  Lots of dancing over the next five days so stayed tuned to see what additional tricks I have up my sleeve.  Until then, be safe and keep dancing! 
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Vote for the future events coordinator/s

Keep Sue as the events coordinator
Vote for Connie
Vote for Debbie
Vote for the team of Connie and Debbie

The week in review and what a week it was....

If you viewed my last post, you know that we now have 16 weeks of Tap lessons under our belts.  This has been an interesting journey and I left it up to Bill to determine if we would continue or take a break from lessons and try to master what we've been exposed to.  As Bill or luck would have it, we are going for another eight weeks of Tap lessons.  So, this past Monday, we saddled up and drove to the Mid Atlantic Center for Performing Arts ready for our 8:15pm class to start; however, we got a little surprise when we arrived.  Somehow I missed the memo that stated the new session did not start until 7 February!  Yep, we were the only students there for Tap class but as luck would have it, our instructor was there.  What a treat this turned out to be because she volunteered to work with us in the studio for an hour. This was Bill's hour to shine as he got to review whatever steps he wanted to.  I'm still am amazed at how much fun he is having, which is evident by the big smile on his face during class.  His new favorite move is the buffalo.  This also gave us the opportunity to chat some with our instructor about Swing and Tap dancing and as Bill always says, you never know when a new opportunity will come knocking.  So, keep your fingers crossed for us and I will keep you apprised of new opportunities that may come our way to teach more folks the art of Swing dancing on the Western shore.  Say goodbye to Tap and hello to Swing lessons at Saint Clare.

As I've been told (since I was missing in action), the group had a great time on Tuesday night.  If you remember, in my last post, I told you how this group was so in sync with each other.  Well, I found out just how tight they are last weekend but that's another story, which I will share with you later in this entry.  Stay focused Sue and back to the lesson.  The advanced group focused on the swivel swivel, to an eight to close, to a set in addition to practicing their West Coast Swing routine.  Boy, they got off easy this week and I will have to talk to Bill about ramping up the lesson.  No mercy on this group!  That's for you, Connie and Debbie!   From what I hear, the beginner group is also excelling and having fun.  My two buddies (Bev and MJ) are taking the class and doing great!  Keep up the good work, ladies!  I only have one piece of advice for MJ, when first learning how to dance, it's best not to carry on a conversation with your partner.  If your mouth/lips are moving, it should be to count and nothing else.  I think Bill is going to bring some electrical tape for your lips if you are still chatty next week!!  Bill loves his electrical tape and the many uses he gets out of it!  Correction, Bill just informed he that he's going to bring duct tape beacuse it's wider than electrical tape.  Very funny, Sue!!   Thanks to Bert, Bill E., and Diane for helping Bill G. in my absence.  Enough about the Western shore, now on to the Eastern shore.

Last Wednesday, Bill taught at the Fenwick Inn as he does the last Wednesday of each month.  What a great turnout as 20+ people joined Bill for a lesson, which included East Coast Swing and how to use the kick-ball-change in place of the rock-step, Handdancing, Baltimore Bop, and the West Coast Swing push step.  In addition, Bill threw in a review of the pretzel and later that night, he led the group in the Cha-Cha.  Wow, that was a lesson packed full of stuff!  Crazy, Bill!
Bill at the Fenwick

on 26 January 2011
With the snow storm last week, Bill didn't make it back to Baltimore until Thursday evening and was back on the road again Friday for our lesson in OceanView, Delaware.  This group is a lot of fun and they provide some great blogging material; however, I try to keep my posts rated G, so I can't share most of the comments with you!  Bad, dancers!!  One story I can share involves Denise.  She always has a smile on her face and is quite friendly and very chatty.  Jim, her husband is always telling Bill that she tries to lead so during the lesson, Bill will dance with Denise and I get the pleasure of dancing with Jim.  BTW, Jim is doing great with his leads and has really surprised me with his determination and dedication.  Well, last week, during their Jitterbug lesson Denise was a little out of control.  Bill grabbed her and to help keep her under control, he pulled on her belt loop.  I guess he pulled a little to hard because she yelped and we named the dance move the wedgie drag in honor of Denise and her wedgie.  Now, this is not an instructor technique used regularly and for personal safety concerns,  I don't recommend you try this at home on your own without proper training.  Ok, I think you get the idea of the fun we have with lessons, now on to dance events. 

This past week, there were two dance events; however, only one was sanctioned.  The following non-sanctioned event took place between 7 and 11pm on Friday, 28 January at Rossville.  The culprits are  Connie and Debbie                   
Double click on the photos to see an enlarged version!

You see, while we were busy teaching Friday night, rumor has it that Connie got the group together for a night of dancing at Rossville.  Yep, Bert, Connie, Matt, Debbie, Stan, Jane, Ed, and Pat all got together last Friday and we only received an email notification of the gathering late Thursday.  Their excuse was they knew we were teaching on Friday night but I'm not buying it!  After all, why can't they get together on Saturday night?  Oh, they'll tell you the band only played Friday night!  I know, you're thinking aint this some s _ _ t!  Oops, there goes my G rating!  Ok, I'm a big girl and it's ok if Connie and Debbie want to be the new events coordinators.  And, I'm also ok with Debbie journaling about the events and will even give her new blog StrictlySwing2 (Original, Debbie) an advertisement:: but I think we need to let the voices of the dancers be heard and let them vote for our events coordinator.  Keep reading and you will see what I mean!   My dog, Alex and her response when I read Debbie's blog to her: 

Ok, enough about their night of dancing.  Now on to our gathering on Sunday, 30 January 2011.

All considered, you know that Connie and Debbie thing, it was a fun time.  Let me see, we had Terri, Bob, Anita, Glenn, Sharyn, Tom, Ed, Pat, Jane, Stan, Bert, Matt, Connie, and Debbie in attendance.  Great music, great food, great dancing, and great company best describes the event.  Yes, I think I do a great job with picking out the best dance events for the group and isn't that what a good events coordinator should do?  I know Tom and Sharyn had a good time because they had the biggest smiles on their faces everytime I saw them on the dance floor.  The group gave their West Coast Swing routine a try in public for the first time.  In addition, the gang got a chance to dance the whistle stop.  We had so many people, you didn't get a chance to dance with everyone.  Some pics below to give you an idea of the fun we had.  I don't want to say a lot because I want to give Debbie the opportunity to blog about it as well.  

Double click on the photo, next click on up to gallery, then next to see all the pics

One last note in this entry.  As I said earlier, let the voices of the dancers be heard.  So, here is your chance to vote for the next events coordinator.  Click on the link below, which will take you to a poll where you can cast your vote:

This group is crazy and boy do we have fun with each other. It's all good and it's all in good fun.   Remember, keep dancing and don't forget to vote for Sue.